Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tip of the day: Photography gimmicks are everywhere, from heavy vignette to faded, bleeding color vintage. Sure, these are cute and trendy, but do you really want your wedding pictures to look faded and distressed? You don't want your grandkids thinking you were married fifty to a hundred years before you actually were. Stick with classic, good photography with decent contrast and accurate color - you'll want to remember your wedding as it was, not as it was heavily edited. If you are having a vintage themed wedding, and have your heart set on photographs styled for an earlier era, get some engagement photos done that way and display them at your wedding. Keep your actual wedding photos clean and classic - clean and classic is always chic.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A quick tip, for brides to be and photographers alike

Weddings are fast paced, full of diverse lighting situations, and filled with unexpected wonderful moments. Sometimes, there just isn't time for a photographer to get the right exposure, and they take the shot anyway. If your photographer isn't shooting in RAW, but uses jpeg format instead, you could lose out on those pictures. Ask your photographer to shoot your wedding in RAW for greater ability for them to bring back those quick shots - a good editor can fix everything from nearly black underexposure to crazy yellow lighting.