Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Contain your inner monster!

 I wanted to show you all something fun and furry I cooked up recently!

I call them MONSTER CUFFS!  They're faux fur cuffs, lined with satin, with so many snaps and baubles and chains they make me happy!  I used snaps to close them, and used pop rivets to secure the d rings that hold the chains on.  You can take the connector chain off, too - it's got these awesome big lobster clips.  I figured such a long chain could get dangerous if you couldn't take it off =P but it's 18 inches long so you can still wear it while you type!

Here's a piece by piece view so you can see all the little details!  All the fur is from Mendels, which has just about any faux fur you can imagine!  They also sell assorted fur remnants if you just want to play, like I did =D

which brings me to....


These are so easy and fun to make (though your hand cramps up a bit after making a lot in a row...) and a great way to reuse your scraps.  If anyone wants a tutorial, I'd be happy to oblige!

Two of my favorites:

The fur from Mendels has such great personality, and I think it really shines through with these rings!

You can find all these things and more on my Etsy - Cutiemonster
Special thanks to my friend Jessikah for modeling for me!

Enjoy, everyone!

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