Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cutiemonster on Etsy

I like to make things.  I like to make cute things.  I like to make monstrous things.  To support this habit, I am now selling original handmade creations on Etsy.  Go visit my Etsy: Cutiemonster - Cute, Monstrous You to take a gander at this stuff, and if you wish, you can be my craft enabler.

What is a Cutiemonster, you ask?  Well, originally I was thinking it was something cute with a bit of an edge.  However, apparently Urban Dictionary already had an entry to describe a cutiemonster:

A Cutiemonster is a cute girl who is so sweet and so cute, it hurts just to look at her. She is beautiful in every single way imaginable. The type of girl who makes your palms sweaty and your heart skip a beat. Despite this fact she will never admit to her own beauty or use it incorrectly.There are only a few of them left on this planet and they tend to have special abilities, including the ability to make you fall in love. It is said that Cutiemonsters created rainbows because of their love of colors, simply by wishing upon them.
The term Cutiemonster is actually Tongue-in-cheek.

Me: is my Cutiemonster cute?
Cutiemonster: nope 
Me: awwh how cute :]

I like it.  So be a cutiemonster, and visit Cutiemonster for all your bright, colorful, cute, fuzzy cutiemonster essentials.

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